5 Stories to read this weekend (23 April 2016)

Inspired by Om Malik, I decided to write a post about Weekend Reading that consist of 5 stories/things to read this weekend. This first post covers wide range of issues from sustainable development goals, creative disruptive movement, career, celebration of Kartini Day and the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. Have a nice weekend.

  • In pictures: Queen Elizabeth II at 90 in 90 images. On 21 April the Queen celebrates her 90th birthday and to mark the event BBC present an image from the archives of the Press Association from every year of her life. [BBC]
  • What to do When Your Employer Begs You to Stay. Great advice from a top recruiter! How to handle a counteroffer from your boss when you tell them you’re leaving [LinkedIn]
  • The Long History of the Fights agains Uber. Om Malik repeated the tales of Luddites, skilled artisans and other laborers in early-nineteenth-century England who rebelled against changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution which is quite relevant with the growing uprising against Uber. [The New Yorker]
  • The Indonesian-born Professor Making her Mark on Australian Science. A story about the first female engineer elected into the Australian Academy of Science, and she’s an Indonesian-born professor. [Radio Australia]
  • Unsustainable Development Goals? Ngaire Woods advocates cash transfers for the poor, instead of complicated and inefficient aid programs. [Project Syndicate]

Here are what I wrote from March to this week.

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Photo credit: BBC


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