5 Stories to Read this Weekend (30 April 2016)

This weekend, I’m traveling with my wife to Yogyakarta for four days before we celebrate Neng Iphin’s wedding on 6th of May 2016 in Bandung. This second weekend reading’s post covers wide range of issues from global warming, technology, global development, environmental problem, and maps. Have a nice weekend.

  • What’s Really Warming the World? Find Out What’s Really Warming the World With This Interactive Chart based on finding from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. [Bloomberg]
  • The Promise of E-Procurement.  Bjørn Lomborg cites new research showing the massive benefits of online government tenders. According to this research, e-procurement turns out to be a phenomenally good way to tackle corruption for a surprisingly low cost. [Project Syndicate]
  • Why Do Expats Earn More than the Rest of Us? Secret Aid Worker will answer this basic question based on his/her experiences working at an international humanitarian NGO in an east African country. [The Guardian]
  • Indonesia: Drowning in Rubbish. The government recently introduced a plastic bag levy in 23 major cities, will this be enough to fix Indonesia’s rubbish problem? [Aljazeera]
  • A New Map for America. I love maps and graph. Parag Khanna drew a new map for America adapted from his forthcoming book “Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization.” [New York Times]

Here are what I wrote last week.

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Photo credit: New York Times


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