5 Stories to Read this Weekend (14 May 2016)

I spent my last week in Bandung working for two events at Universitas Padjadjaran: launching of The SDGs Center Unpad and preparation for the EAEA 2016 Conference. This four weekend reading’s post covers wide range of issues from jokes in economics, travel, renewable energy, and world politics.

  • Ten ways to tell you might be sitting next to an economist. An economist was taken off a plane last week after a fellow passenger became suspicious. Here are ten ways to tell you might be sitting next to an economist [The Economist]
  • The World’s Smallest Ukulele. When millionaires being humiliated by billionaires in This Hawaiian Resort War. [The Bloomberg]
  • The longest train journey in India. On an 85-hour train ride of 57 stops, 21 carriages and three sunsets, photographer Ed Hanley discovered the true beauty of India. [BBC Travel]
  • Why Renewables Are Not Enough. Ajay Marthur & Adair Turner explain why national emissions-reduction pledges won’t be sufficient to meet agreed climate targets. [Project Syndicate]
  • Sadiq Khan and the Future of Europe. Mehdi Hasan highlights the future of Europe after Sadiq Khan, the son of Pakistani immigrants, was elected as the first Muslim mayor of a Western capital city, London. [The New York Times]

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Photo credit: The Economist


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