Why London? #10

“Personally, I like travelling, visiting new places and exploring new cultures, meeting different people etc. My trip to London and Manchester was for particularly two unique reasons. On top of visiting the unique beauty of the capital of England, what took me to London was the long time strong interest and goal of visiting the V&A museum in which the records of the battle of Maqdala are kept. My love for the late Ethiopian (aka the then Abyssinia ) emperor Tewodros II is something very difficult to put into words for me. I adore him, I admire him and I respect him, and so do the people of Ethiopia. He is considered by many Ethiopian the pioneer of modern Ethiopia and the true hero among the kings of Ethiopia to date. Visiting his artefacts and clothing in the museum gave me the real sort of feeling of meeting him in person.”

“The second reason that took me to England, specifically to the city of Manchester, was my love for the English premier league team Manchester United. I have been a die-hard fan of Manchester United since childhood and visiting the playground of this club was more than a dream for me. By going to England, specifically to the two magnificent cities of London and Manchester, I go to visit among others the Victoria and Albert’s Museum and Old Trafford which was a dream come true for me.”

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