My Top 5 London Apps

It’s been 4 months since I moved to London and I’ve learned a few facts: in my first two week I was living in South Kensington and it took 60 minutes for me to ride a bike home from King’s Strand Campus because I was lost and got no internet connection on my phone, normally it should take only 30 minutes; eat-in is always most expensive than a simple take away for the same menu(s); riding a bike from my home to King’s Strand Campus is faster and healthier than taking a red double-decker bus (20 minutes vs 35 to 40 minutes); bring your own bag to grocery store if you don’t want to spend some pennies for a grocery bag.

As a student in London, here is my top 5 apps.

1. Mendeley (in my Laptop, and iPad)

I used Mendeley to organised my reading materials. I sync it between my Mendeley Desktop (for laptop) and Mendeley Apps for iPad so I can read those reading materials when I am on a bus or traveling around. When it comes to writing an essay/paper, Mendeley helps me to cite as I write with its automatic bibliography and citation feature.


2. King’s Mobile (in my iPad, and Android)

As a King’s student, King’s Mobile provides valuable information such as upcoming courses timetable, news, student supports, campus maps, people search, and library search. You only need your King’s Internet ID and have fun. My favourite feature is Student Computing Free/Busy – this feature will show how many free student computers there are near you, from within the Campus maps.


3. Citymapper (in my iPad, and Android)

This must be the coolest apps for anyone who want to enjoy London and don’t want to get lost or to bother asking someone. Citymapper is fantastic: it includes live tube information; live bus information; live Boris (Barclays) bike docking station information (available and empty dock); walking routes and how much calories you will burn if you prefer to walk; total cost if you prefer to take a bus or tube or combination of both.

My favourite feature is Get Me Home. With only a push on my iPad, Citymapper will tell me the fastest way to get home (you need to set up Home before). FYI, you can switch Citymapper for other cities; New York, Paris, Berlin, Washington DC, Madrid, Boston, Barcelona, SF Bay Area, Chicago, Milan, Rome, and México DF.

citymapper citymapper2

4. AroundMe (in my iPad)

Don’t know where to go? Just hit AroundMe apps. It includes ATM, bars, cinema, coffee bar, restaurants, theatre, supermarkets, weather and you name it. My favourite section is coffee bar.


5. Line (in my Android, and Laptop)

lineThe last one is not really about apps for London, but about someone who are currently in a long distance relationship (LDR). Line help me to get connected with my fiance, friends, and families. My favourite Line sticker is Brown and Cony.

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