Tracking the True Toll of the Coronavirus Outbreak

For The New York Times, Jin Wu, Allison McCann, Josh Katz and Elian Peltier tracked the true toll of the coronavirus outbreak around the globe. Statistically speaking, over the past two months, far more people have died in most countries than in previous years.

Covid-19 death in Java, Indonesia

Earlier this month, Reuters reported on the jump in Jakarta funerals raises fears of unreported coronavirus deaths. This time, Reuters plotted the data of confirmed Covid-19 deaths versus suspected deaths across Java Island, Indonesia. The conclusion is that suspected deaths in four out of six provinces in Java Island are way higher than confirmed Covid-19 deaths.

Am I helping to protect the NHS?

The team at the BBC created an animation why we need to stay at home and to keep our distance to save the NHS using scientific modelling by Imperial College London COVID-19 Response Team, led by Professor Neil Ferguson from the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis.

Oxford Covid-19 Government Response Stringency Index

For Financial Times, Alan Smith and David Blood created a map using the data from Oxford Covid-19 Government Response Stringency Index. This index is created by The Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker (OxCGRT) at Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford. As Covid-19 spread beyond China, governments responded by implementing containment measures with varying degrees ofContinue reading “Oxford Covid-19 Government Response Stringency Index”

Coronavirus infections have peaked in much of the rich world

The Economists pointed out that coronavirus infections have peaked in much of the rich world. It is also interesting to see that even Sweden, one of the only countries in the chart without any mandatory nationwide restrictions on movement, seems to have reached its peak.

What is happening in Sweden (part 2)?

Last week I posted about the rise of intensive care treatment due to Covid-19 in Sweden compare to Norway, Denmark, and Finland. This time, Maija Kaartinen from Swedbank, pointed out that the patients hospitalised due to Covid-19 continued to increase in Sweden, but continued to decline in the other Nordic countries.

The second wave of coronavirus in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore

Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore are now confronting the second wave of coronavirus (Covid-19). However, this time, this second wave of transmission is predominantly from imported transmissions. For The New York Times, K.K. Rebecca Lai shows the top 15 places where people confirmed with coronavirus had travelled to.

Covid-19 and the global business climate

From the Economist, this chart shows the estimated impact of covid-19 crisis on economic output by sector, using the data from the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The International Labour Organisation estimates that industries in which the risk of lay-offs or furloughs is high employ 1.25bn people. The exit from lockdowns will be halting and precarious.Continue reading “Covid-19 and the global business climate”