Twenty Six

Twenty six, it means I have spent 15 years away from my parents. I first moved from home when I was 11 years old for my junior high school in Padang Panjang, and then Bekasi for my senior high school and finally Bandung for my undergraduate before I had the opportunity to travel to 16 countries around the world.

Now, I’m living in London pursuing my master degree on Emerging Economies and Inclusive Development at King’s International Development Institute, King’s College London. I’m grateful for what I have achieved so far, and I would like to accomplish more in the upcoming months and years.

Last year I started with a lot of goals, I have completed some of them. I cook my own food (London is a good reason to cook), visited parks and I love it (there are many parks in London), I’m running regularly across Regent’s Canal to Camden Market, Primrose Hill and sometimes to Regent’s Parks. However, I didn’t travel around Europe over the last year, but I had time to explore north west of England and Yorkshire.

Here’s what I like to focus on my twenty six:

  • Make it 17, next month for Scotland
  • Completed my master degree at King’s College London
  • Reading the Economist, BBC News and Project Syndicate regularly
  • Pursuing my career in the field of development and climate change
  • Learn how to ride inline skates, I have bought a pair of inline skates shoes
  • Traveling with Shilva to European Mainland (Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Italia, Greece, Spain)
  • Travel to Latin America for the first time and visit friends this region.
  • Harvesting olive oil in Crete, Greece
  • Redesign my website (I need a fresh new one)
  • Track my things to do with my weekly ‘Get It Done’ timetable
  • Learn about life hack (e.g. how to do fruit crafting, etc.)
  • Take more photos and upload it to Instagram
  • Eliminate ‘kind of’ and ‘a bit’ from my daily conversation
  • Exercise and running at least twice a week, plus eat more to gain more weight
  • Take time to read books before I sleep
  • Spent time to live like locals (live with host family somewhere in the countryside once every three months).

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