Coronavirus infections have peaked in much of the rich world

The Economists pointed out that coronavirus infections have peaked in much of the rich world. It is also interesting to see that even Sweden, one of the only countries in the chart without any mandatory nationwide restrictions on movement, seems to have reached its peak.

What is happening in Sweden (part 2)?

Last week I posted about the rise of intensive care treatment due to Covid-19 in Sweden compare to Norway, Denmark, and Finland. This time, Maija Kaartinen from Swedbank, pointed out that the patients hospitalised due to Covid-19 continued to increase in Sweden, but continued to decline in the other Nordic countries.

What is happening in Sweden?

Many countries in Europe have introduced a strict lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19). For example, here in the UK, the Prime Minister told the country that we must stay at home and not allowed to meet friends and family members who do not live in the same household. However, Sweden isContinue reading “What is happening in Sweden?”