The impact of Covid-19 on education

World Bank mapped school closure around the world because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Per 27 April 2020, only students in 7 countries can go to school as the school remain fully open. Before the outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic, the world was already dealing with a learning crisis, With the spread of the coronavirus, the education system is facingContinue reading “The impact of Covid-19 on education”

Why I Chose King’s College London?

In May 2013 I met with Andy Sumner (Director of King’s International Development at King’s College London) when he came to Bandung to present his latest research at FEB UNPAD Lecture Series. He is a good friend of Pak Arief Anshory Yusuf, Director of the Center for Economics and Development Studies – CEDS where I amContinue reading “Why I Chose King’s College London?”

IFLS Data Reveals that Education Matters

It’s believe that education has a strong relation with income. I guess this is also one reason why we pushed our kids at least to get their bachelor degree (as my parents told me that I have to get more education than them, at least bachelor degree). I am using data from IFLS wave 2Continue reading “IFLS Data Reveals that Education Matters”