Covid-19 death in Java, Indonesia

Earlier this month, Reuters reported on the jump in Jakarta funerals raises fears of unreported coronavirus deaths. This time, Reuters plotted the data of confirmed Covid-19 deaths versus suspected deaths across Java Island, Indonesia. The conclusion is that suspected deaths in four out of six provinces in Java Island are way higher than confirmed Covid-19 deaths.

Raising the line while flattening the curve

Most people are familiar with flatten the curve, but to save more lives, the governments also must raise the capacity of their health care system in addition to social distancing and lockdown measurement. UK, for example raised its capacity by opening the first of the government’s emergency field hospitals to treat coronavirus patients has openedContinue reading “Raising the line while flattening the curve”

Prof. Arief Yusuf: Economy can recover, but we can’t recover dead bodies

Prof. Arief Anshory Yusuf, my boss at SDGs Center Unpad and my undergraduate supervisor, calculated the impact of coronavirus on Indonesian economy over the next five years. His simulation with IndoTERM economic model shows that Indonesian economic growth in 2020 estimated to be 1.24%, this is 3.7% lower than forecast at 5.2%. You can findContinue reading “Prof. Arief Yusuf: Economy can recover, but we can’t recover dead bodies”

IFLS Data Reveals that Education Matters

It’s believe that education has a strong relation with income. I guess this is also one reason why we pushed our kids at least to get their bachelor degree (as my parents told me that I have to get more education than them, at least bachelor degree). I am using data from IFLS wave 2Continue reading “IFLS Data Reveals that Education Matters”